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友人が自家製梅シロップを分けてくれたので、梅サイダーに。そして大分からも美味しいみかんジュース届く。冷たいものは体に悪いと分かっているが家にいると冷たいものしか体が欲してないぞ。母にはなるべく血や肉になりそうなものを盛り込んで作って食べてもらっているが自分は。。。Do what I say, not what I do.である。



July 22nd, 2017

1)   The United States will bar Americans from travelling to North Korea in the coming weeks, two travel agencies said Friday, a month after a U.S. tourist, student Otto Warmbier, died following his imprisonment by Pyongyang.

North Korea’s tourism agency has launched a website offering holiday options ranging from surfing to rice planting, despite strong U.S. warnings to avoid travel to a nation where several trips have ended in jail.

2)   Thief returns stolen bicycle, includes written apology and edible gift to say sorry

3)   A number of books aimed at teaching elementary school children about issues concerning the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community have been published recently in an effort to deepen understanding about sexual minorities in Japan.

4)   Chinese censors can’t bear Winnie the Pooh

5)   Sources close to the Defense Ministry say Minister Tomomi Inada was told about the existence of the activity logs in February and this fact was reported to the Inspector General’s Office of Legal Compliance in March.

6)   A pact that allows Japan to export its nuclear power technology to India for peaceful purposes has taken effect.

It entered into force after Japan’s Ambassador to India, Kenji Hiramatsu, and Indian Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar exchanged documents in New Delhi on Thursday.

The deal, signed by both governments last November, also enables the countries to exchange know-how on nuclear materials and plant equipment.

7)   An association of Japanese Bitcoin exchanges is considering moving forward a plan to suspend transactions of the virtual currency.

It’s taking the step because of growing concerns over a possible sudden split of the Bitcoin system.

8)    Japan’s government will conduct tests of self-driving buses using the country’s version of a global positioning system. It hopes to use such vehicles during Tokyo’s Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2020.

The Cabinet Office says it will start the tests in the southwestern prefecture of Okinawa in November.

9)      The US Justice Department says it has taken down the biggest online black market for illegal goods and services.

Department officials said on Thursday that since its inception, AlphaBay serviced more than 200,000 users, who traded in illegal drugs, toxic chemicals, firearms and stolen identities.

10)   A pro-Russian separatist leader of a breakaway region in eastern Ukraine has proclaimed a new state.

The new state will be called Malorossiya, and its capital will be placed in Donetsk. He added that Malorossiya is consisted of all Ukraine territories except for Russian-annexed Crimea, and a new constitution is being drawn up for the country.

11)   US President Donald Trump faces uncertainty 6 months after his inauguration, as the overhaul of Obamacare has stalled and investigations continue into Russia’s possible meddling in last year’s election.

Trump summoned Republican senators to the White House on Wednesday to pressure them to pass a bill to repeal President Barack Obama’s health care program as early as possible. He said they shouldn’t leave Washington until the bill is enacted.

12)   Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai has criticized China for its treatment of human rights activist and Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo, who died last week.July 22nd, 2017


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先週昼休みに買って職場の冷蔵庫にしまっておいたトマトを持って帰るのを忘れていたのを昨日は忘れずに持って帰 ってこれたので産直で買った夏野菜達と共にラタトゥユに。(ナス、セロリ、オクラ、玉ねぎ、緑と黄色のピーマン、エリンギ、バジル)大量に作ったのでしばし楽しめる。暖かい状態での昨日は前から家人が気になっていた蕎麦の実を茹でてそれに添えた。蕎麦の実って茹でるとプリプリむにゅみたいな感じで結構好きな食感だった。そこでようやく以前お蕎麦屋さんの「おかず」プレートでこれ食べたことあったなということを思い出した。^^食物繊維とビタミンBが豊富で脂肪も吸収しにくくなるというのを番組で見て以来家人が食べたがっていて、ネットで買おうと思ったらその時は売り切れ続出(同じ番組を見た人たちがたくさんいたのね)で買えなかったけれど(在庫があるお店は値段が高騰してたので買わなかった!)昨日は火曜日に仕事帰りに寄るスーパーで普通の値段で平積みで売っていた。でも実は私はクスクスの方が好きかな。あのプチプチした感じとソースを吸い込んだ味!ラブ!クスクスも探したけれどそのスーパーにはなかった。残念。





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July 15th, 2017


1)   The leader of the junior partner in Japan’s ruling coalition on Friday urged Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to focus on regaining public trust after a slide in his popularity, and said revising the pacifist constitution was not a priority for voters.

2)   A vice minister has given up using a chauffeured official car to take her child to daycare after drawing political flak following a media report, but some working mothers expressed sympathy for the 39-year-old lawmaker.

The Shukan Shincho weekly magazine accused Megumi Kaneko of “mixing up official and private matters” when it reported in late June that she had used an official vehicle to transport her 1-year-old son to his nursery.

3)   The operator of nuclear power plants in South Korea has decided to suspend work on 2 reactors.

Massive amounts of radiation-contaminated water that has been processed and stored in hundreds of tanks at the plant are slowing decommissioning work and are a safety risk in case another massive quake or tsunami strikes. TEPCO needs to release the water – which contains radioactive tritium that is not removable but considered not harmful in small amounts – into the Pacific Ocean,

4)   Researchers say large foreign longhorn beetles are spreading in Japan, causing serious damage to cherry, peach and other fruit trees.

The insect spends a few years within fruit trees such as cherry, peach and plum, eating the wood. Cutting down affected trees alone has not stopped the spread of the species.

Hundreds of highly poisonous fire ants have been found at the port of Yokohama, near Tokyo.

5)   Two Japanese firms have created a self-driving car that can deliver sushi to a hungry customer’s doorstep.

The ever-growing demand for home delivery has left many companies with a problem. They don’t have enough drivers to transport the goods.

6)   The Japanese government has compiled a plan to support domestic cheese makers who are facing increased competition from European products.

Japanese and European Union negotiators reached a broad agreement on an economic partnership agreement last week. Japan will create a quota for European soft cheeses and abolish tariffs over a 15-year period. But Japanese cheese producers are worried about greater competition.

7)   Workers at major firms in Japan won an average monthly pay hike of over 60 dollars for the 4th year in a row.
That’s as a result of annual labor negotiations.

8)   Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said his country will provide aid in the amount of 1.4 billion yen, or about 12.4 million dollars, to Jordan.

9)   The death toll from last week’s record downpour in southwestern Japan has risen to 32.
10)   A US Democratic congressman has submitted a resolution to the House of Representatives to seek the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

11)   One of the biggest icebergs on record has broken off Antarctica, raising fears it could create more flow of ice into the sea and possibly raise the sea level.

12)   North Korea has threatened to retaliate if the United Nations Security Council imposes additional sanctions over its nucleaar and missile programs.

13)   The US government wants to renegotiate its free trade agreement with South Korea. Trade Representative Robert Lightheizer sent a letter to his counterpart in Seoul.

The letter says the US and South Korea are important allies and key trading partners. It says they need free, fair and balanced trade to strengthen the relationship.

It also says the US has real concerns about its significant trade imbalance with South Korea.













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^^ 玉子と抹茶のかき氷。玉子の方は中にカスタードアイスクリームが入っていて、抹茶の方は小豆入り。来週には桃とイチジクのかき氷も出るそうなのでそれも食べるぞ!


July 8th, 2017

1)   Torrential rains continue to batter western Japan for a third day. Eleven people are dead and at least 14 are missing.
Over 54,000 residents were ordered to evacuate their homes while thousands of rescuers search for survivors.

Parts of Fukuoka prefecture, on the island of Kyushu, were hit by over 600 millimeters of rain in 2 days, almost double the amount that usually falls in all of July.

2)   A shipment of reprocessed nuclear fuel destined for a Japanese power plant has left France.

Two specially fitted vessels left the port of Cherbourg, northwestern France, on Wednesday.

French nuclear energy firm Areva manufactured the MOX, or mixed oxide, fuel, a mixture of uranium and plutonium reprocessed from spent nuclear fuel.

The fuel is to be used in the No. 4 reactor at the Takahama nuclear plant, which Kansai Electric Power Company restarted in May.

3)   Japan’s defense minister has defended her temporary absence from her office while Self-Defense Force personnel engaged in rescue operations in rain-devastated northern Kyushu, western Japan.

Japan’s Meteorological Agency had issued for parts of the region emergency heavy rain warnings, which are issued for disasters that could occur only once every few decades.

Tomomi Inada left the ministry for about an hour around noon on Thursday to attend a defense policy seminar.

4)   A single poisonous fire ant has been found at Tokyo Port. It was in a shipping container that arrived from China.

The ant was found during an inspection at a port wharf on Monday. An analysis by the Environment Ministry has confirmed that it was a fire ant. Officials have no reports of anyone being stung by the ant.

5)   Japan and the European Union have reached a broad deal on an Economic Partnership Agreement that would affect about 30 percent of the world’s gross domestic product.

The EPA is the first of its kind among large, advanced economies, and would be one of Japan’s biggest trade deals.

6)   Japan’s tax revenue for the fiscal year that ended in March dropped for the first time in 7 years.

The Finance Ministry says total revenue came to nearly 55.5 trillion yen, or about 490 billion dollars. That’s down 1.5 percent from the figure for the previous year.

Corporate tax income dropped 4.6 percent. The stronger yen has dampened corporate earnings. Revenues from income and consumption taxes both fell 1.1 percent.

One economist says the drop in revenue has brought Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s economic policies to a crossroads.

7)   Anti-capitalist protesters have clashed with police in Hamburg ahead of the G20 summit that opens on Friday. Authorities say more than 70 police officers were injured.

Police say about 12,000 people took part in a rally at a port on the Elbe River on Thursday.

8)   A United Nations conference is expected to adopt a final draft on Friday of a legally binding treaty to ban nuclear weapons.

Conference President Elayne Whyte Gomez presented the final draft on Thursday to the 129 non-nuclear countries taking part in the negotiations at the UN headquarters in New York.

9)   A United Nations conference is expected to adopt a final draft on Friday of a legally binding treaty to ban nuclear weapons.

Conference President Elayne Whyte Gomez presented the final draft on Thursday to the 129 non-nuclear countries taking part in the negotiations.
10)   Leaders of the Group of 20 economies have opened their summit in Germany, with free trade and climate change among the key issues.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomed the leaders in the northern city of Hamburg on Friday. Merkel will chair the 2-day summit.

The leaders will discuss terrorism, the world economy and trade, as well as climate change on the first day.

A key focus is whether the G20 can issue a clear message in support of free trade for sustainable growth, amid rising protectionism.





先週友人がお茶でもどう?と誘ってくれたので職場近くのカフェで合流して話している時に「肩の調子はその後どう?」と聞いてくれたのでそういえば左肩が痛くて、歩くのに腕を後ろに引く動作だけでイテテとなり、洋服を着替える時もイテテとなり、右腕にもそれがやってきて、両腕ともに痛かったことを思い出し、つまりは忘れていたので、確かめるい動作をしてみたら痛くなくなっていた。右手の指と左手の指は接触しなかったが、その動作ができる位置に腕を持っていっても痛くなかった。^^ いつの間にか。多分これはゆらぎ用の薬の効果だろう。すっかり忘れてたので友人に思い出させてもらってちょっと得した気分♪



June 30th, 2017


1)     The Japanese government is exploring ways to use cruise ships in order to cope with accommodation shortages expected during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

2)   These days, we should consider the thought of coming under cyber-attack as just a way of life.

3)   A Japanese team has inspected tourist sites and other facilities on Etorofu Island, one of the 4 Russian-held islands claimed by Japan.

The delegation of about 70 members, including government officials and business people, arrived in Etorofu on Thursday.

They are visiting the islands to study the feasibility of starting joint economic projects with Russia. Etorofu is the second leg of their 5-day tour, which started on Kunashiri Island on Tuesday.

4)   The US government says it is tightening security on inbound flights due to a heightened threat of terror attacks.

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly announced the new aviation safety rules on Wednesday in Washington.

He said he is concerned about terrorist groups’ renewed interest in targeting the aviation sector. He emphasized the necessity of boosting security in airports around the world for direct flights to the US.

5)   Many Japanese follow a tradition of eating grilled eel to beat the summer heat. But with the price of eel rising in recent years, a major supermarket chain is offering grilled catfish, a less expensive alternative.

Retail giant Aeon unveiled the new product for the Midsummer Day, which falls on July 25th. The company is selling catfish raised in Vietnam for the first time.

Company officials say they are using a type of catfish called pangasius, which is known for its fleshy white meat suitable for grilling.

6)     India’s largest port has been hit by a cyberattack, following ransomware attacks targeting government agencies and companies in Europe and the United States.

The Indian government said in a statement on Wednesday that malicious software crippled operations at one terminal of the port in western city of Mumbai.

7)   A major operator of tax-free stores in Japan is launching a new type of outlet that gives tourists a chance to experience a lifestyle rather than just buy a product.
It caters to a growing number of foreign visitors who want to get a taste of the real Japan.

Tax-free items include products that are popular among tourists, such as home appliances and cosmetics.

Visitors to the store can also enjoy a buffet of various Japanese dishes like sushi and tempura.

They can play a survival game using air guns that shoot plastic bullets.

In addition, there’s a shop that specializes in instant noodles. It sells 42 varieties and many of them are exclusive to Japan. There’s hot water available for people who can’t wait to taste their purchase.
8)   Exactly 3 years have passed since the Islamic State militant group unilaterally declared an Islamic caliphate in an area straddling Iraq and Syria.

The group declared itself the Islamic State after seizing Iraq’s second largest city, Mosul, on June 29th, 2014.

An offensive to retake Mosul from the militants has entered the final phase. Iraqi forces say the insurgents are now trapped in a one-square-kilometer area.

9)   A US survey suggests the image of the United States has sharply worsened worldwide under President Donald Trump.

The non-partisan Pew Research Center surveyed about 40,000 people earlier this year, in 37 countries including Japan.

It reports only 49 percent held a favorable view of the US, compared to 64 percent in the closing years of the Obama administration.

10)   The social-networking giant Facebook says its monthly active users reached 2 billion.
The number has doubled in 5 years.


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母の脳外科デー。循環器のドクタが脳外科のドクタに薬のことを連絡しておくと言っていたのに「何も聞いてないよ〜」とのこと。ありゃ。でも脳外科のドクタがお薬手帳を見て指定の薬は出してくれた。その薬と腸の薬は併用して問題ないそうだから引き続き食べる量と質、そしてそれに対応する薬の量を探っていこう。血液検査の結果、栄養状態は今回もよし!貧血はまた少し出ているけれど、コレステロールや中性脂肪、血糖、肝臓の値、全て問題ないそうだ。ドクタがGood!と書いてくれた^^ 帰りにはまた母の好きなシュークリームを買って帰り昼食後のお楽しみを美味しいね美味しいねと言いながら食べていた。よしよし。血液検査の値も良かったので、もう好きなものをたくさん食べてください。午後は自分の病院に行き診察を受けて薬を出してもらい(次は2ヶ月後)、帰りに薬局に寄り母の薬をもらって、帰ってきてからは訪問鍼灸マッサージの先生に母は治療してもらう。しかし今月は病院デーが多かったなぁ。そういえば先週の家人の診察の日には急に思い立って反射炉に行ってきた。子供の頃遠足か何かで一度くらい行ったのかどうか覚えてないがどうだったのだろう。行ってみて驚いた!さぞかし混んでいるのだろうと思った世界遺産なのに私たち以外誰もいない。。。世界遺産貸切(笑)

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June 24th, 2017

選挙からパンダから将棋まで諸々。全然上手く話せてはいないけれど何故かこの時間がストレス解消に役立ってるのが分かる。来週のレッスンは誕生日プレゼントにするから予約しないでね。とのこと。sweet! :)

1)    People in Okinawa are marking the 72nd anniversary of the end of a fierce ground battle in the closing days of World War Two.

Every year on June 23rd, Okinawa commemorates the end of the Japanese military’s organized combat against US forces in the southwestern prefecture.

More than 200,000 people, including about a quarter of Okinawa’s residents, were killed in the 1945 battle. The exact figure remains unknown.

2)   Candidates for the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly have kicked off their campaigns for an upcoming election.
Political parties in Japan see the assembly election as an important bellwether for national ballots.
3)   The announcer and cancer blogger Mao Kobayashi has died. She was 34 years old.

A Tokyo native, Kobayashi started her career as a TV personality while she was still at college.

After graduation, she became a freelance announcer and was a caster for a news program.

She married the kabuki actor Ichikawa Ebizo in 2010 and had 2 children.

4)   The Shinkansen bullet train service in western Japan was suspended for 5 hours from Wednesday night due to a power outage. 72 trains were immobilized, and more than 50,000 passengers were affected.

Central Japan Railway says overhead wiring got severed in Takatsuki, Osaka, shortly before 8 PM on Wednesday.

5)   A former vice education minister has called for a third-party investigation into a favoritism scandal involving the operator of school run by a close friend of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Kake Educational Institution, headed by Abe’s long-time friend, Kotaro Kake, plans to open a veterinary school in a government-designated special economic zone in Imabari City, western Japan.

Kihei Maekawa told a news conference on Friday that the prime minister’s office and the Cabinet Office are being dishonest in repeatedly denying the contents of documents that have turned up in an education ministry probe into the scandal.

6)   Tokyo’s Ueno Zoo says a newborn giant panda cub has turned out to be female.

Zoo officials say the cub that was born on Monday of last week is steadily growing.

They say they conducted the cub’s third physical checkup on Thursday with a Chinese specialist from a giant panda’s protection and research facility.

7)   Another type of venomous ant has been found in western Japan, at the same port where fire ants were earlier confirmed.

Kobe City officials say about 100 of the ants were discovered on Tuesday in Kobe Port.

On May 26th, fire ants were found at the port in a shipping container from China. In mid-June, about 100 of these ants were also discovered in a container storage area at the port.

The ants found on Tuesday are a different variety that has a lower toxicity. But their sting could cause a severe reaction.

8)   The number of foreign tourists visiting Japan is continuing to increase. It hit a new record for the month of May.

The Japan Tourism Organization estimated that nearly 2.3 million foreigners visited in the month. That’s up 21 percent from May last year.

South Korea topped the list.

The number of visitors from the country increased by 85 percent as more direct flights were added. Tourists also returned to Kumamoto, one year after a strong earthquake there.

9)   Japan’s youngest professional shogi player, 14-year-old Souta Fujii, won his 28th game in a row. His winning streak matches a record set 30 years ago.

10)   Tokyo’s governor has been consulting with executives from global firms about how to make the nation’s capital a more attractive place to do business.

Yuriko Koike met Thursday with the CEOs and managers of 8 US- and UK-based institutions that operate in Tokyo.

Koike says she’s determined to turn the capital into an international financial hub.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government this month outlined its plan to attract overseas financial institutions. It includes cutting corporate taxes, and improving workers’ living environments.

One of the people Koike consulted was the president of fund manager BlackRock Japan.

He noted the difficulty of finding talented mid-career women workers. He said this is because childcare in Japan is so poor. And he called for better support for working mothers.

Another participant said Tokyo needs to develop a bigger talent pool. He suggested creating a university that specializes in finance and gives lectures in English.

Koike said the feedback will help make the city a better place for women and highly skilled professionals to work.

The Tokyo government wants to put the finishing touches on its plan around this autumn.















昨日は産直で初枝豆と初スイカ(小玉)を買った。他にキャベツとかぼちゃと大根も買って、重くてようやく車についたと思ったがキーの解除ボタンを押しても車がピピと言わない。何度もやってもダメで壊れたか、じゃあ鍵穴に入れて回すかとトライするところでようやくその車が自分の車でないことに気づいた。汗。よく見たら白しか一緒じゃないし。私の車は3台ほど向こうにちんまりといた。^^ああ 加齢の思い込みよ。。。




# 誕生日はまだだけど

友人が誕生日祝いをしてくれた。^^ 感謝!


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June 17th, 2017


1)   The number of Japanese people with dementia reported missing hit yet another record high in 2016, figures released Thursday showed, indicating the issue of elderly care is becoming more complex due to Japan’s aging society.

The National Police Agency said 15,432 people with dementia or who are suspected to be suffering the condition were reported missing to police in 2016, up 26.4 percent from the previous year.

2)   Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was under mounting pressure Friday over allegations that he used his influence to help a friend in a business deal after two official reports appeared to back up the claims.

3)      A prominent anti-U.S. base activist in Okinawa said Thursday at a U.N. Human Rights Council meeting that the Japanese government has committed “clear human rights violations” against opponents of the relocation of a U.S. air base within the southern island Japan prefecture.

4)   The death toll in an apartment building fire in west London is likely to rise significantly. Police says they have confirmed at least 30 people died from the fire that engulfed a 24-story building on Wednesday.

5)   A beer garden located higher than any of its competitors in Tokyo attracted a large number of people at its yearly opening.

The summer open-air restaurant is located halfway up the 600-meter Mount Takao in western Tokyo.

On Friday, hikers in groups dropped by for beer on their way down the mountain. They enjoyed a view of skyscrapers in the center of Tokyo in the far distance and a rainbow that appeared in the sky.

6)   Japan’s Foreign Ministry has lodged a strong protest over a South Korean military drill on the Takeshima Islands of Shimane Prefecture.

Foreign Ministry officials said they confirmed that the exercise started on Thursday morning.

South Korea controls the islands. Japan claims them.

7)   A group of Japanese writers is condemning the enactment of anti-terror legislation as an outrage.

The head of the Japan PEN Club, Jiro Asada, released a statement on Thursday, following passage of the bill which criminalizes the act of preparing terror attacks and other organized crimes.

Asada, a novelist, said the new law could seriously threaten freedom of speech and expression by effectively introducing the crime of conspiracy.

8)   Local assemblies in Japan are having hard time in getting citizens to show interest in their activities.

The assembly of Tomakomai City, northern Japan, has started offering 50 yen, or about 45 cents, in community points to citizens who attend its sessions.

Thursday was the first day of the offer. At reception, citizens scanned their community money point cards to get 50 points, worth about 45 cents.

9)   Sources say struggling Japanese auto parts maker Takata is taking final steps to file for bankruptcy as early as this month. The company is one of the world’s top 3 airbag producers but has been involved in a worldwide recall since 2013.

10)   A Japanese convenience store chain is turning to artificial intelligence to reduce its employee workload. The industry is currently struggling with a serious labor shortage.

FamilyMart, free messaging application provider LINE and trading firm Itochu have reached basic agreement on the tie-up. The say their new convenience stores will employ AI technology now being developed by LINE.

They say the system will use sales data to predict customer demand and place the appropriate orders.

They will also try to persuade the approximately 68 million LINE users in Japan to use their smartphones to make payments.

The three firms will study the practical aspects of the tie-up projects and try to open a model store by the end of 2018.

Lawson, another convenience store chain, has been developing an automated checkout system in a tie-up with a major electronics maker.

11)   An expert panel set up by Japan’s Cabinet Office says the economy has likely been expanding since December 2012. That’s more than 4 and a half years, making it the third-longest period of postwar growth.

The panel says the pace of growth did slow between April 2014, when the consumption tax was raised to 8 percent — and early 2016.

But experts have agreed that this period was not a recession.

The current run is longer than the period of growth in the bubble years, which started in 1986 and lasted 4 years and 3 months.

12)   Russian President Vladimir Putin has reiterated that discussing issues arising from the Japan-US Security Treaty is unavoidable to make progress in negotiations on a territorial dispute with Japan.

Putin spoke to reporters in Moscow on Thursday after a televised question-and-answer session with ordinary citizens.

Putin talked about joint economic activity with Japan on a disputed island chain. On-site surveys are set to start late this month.





・・・・なんかディサービスであったのか!!! <= 聞いても答えない。





今日は友人が所用で^^ 職場の近くに来たのでうどんランチに行って来た。以前製麺所だったところがいつのまにか食事処となっていた。本当に久しぶりに食べた美味しいうどんだった。友人の野菜のかき揚げもおすそ分けしてもらった。また行こうっと!うん!

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近くの産直にもビワが出ていた。母の大好物なのでもちろんカゴに入れた。破竹の茹でたのもあったのでそれも買った。母の80歳のお誕生日だったので、「何か食べたいものある?」と尋ねるとまさかの「ペヤングソース焼きそばというものを食べてみたい」と言うではないか!学生の頃よく家に置いてあってお腹が空いた時に食べた記憶があるけれど、買ってくれていた母本人は食べたことがなかったそうで、何かのTV番組の特集を見て急に食べてみたくなったそうだ。^^  なので帰りにコンビニに寄りペヤングを買って帰った。お昼ご飯に食べてみて「どう?」と訊くと「ふ〜ん、食べられなくはない。不味くはない」と言う辛口80歳ペヤング初体験。私も久しぶりのペヤング。とはいえ家人が時々食後のおやつに食べたいと言うので1年に1,2回は食べる。私もそれを一口二口食べるのだが丸々1個食べるのはそれこそ子供のとき以来かも。ビワは案の定美味しい美味しいと食べていた。夜には家人が自分のお客さんである若い中国人夫婦がやっている中華料理屋さんからお料理を数品テイクアウトしてきてくれた。母の好きな銀杏と鶏肉のうま煮やらチャーハンやら牛肉と野菜の味噌炒めみやら。杏仁豆腐はおまけだそう。外食は母はもうすこし難しいので、この頃家人が時々いろいろなお店でテイクアウトしてきてくれるプロの味を家にいながら食べるのがすごく幸せなんだそうだ。ありがとう夫よ。二人でそう感謝するとそうだろうそうだろうまた買ってくるからと満足気であった。そして「お義母さんが80歳なんてびっくりだな。あ、じゃあウチの母親もか!へー!」と。^^

June 10th, 2017


1)   For the first time in 2 centuries, Japan’s Emperor will be allowed to step down.
The Diet has enacted a bill that allows Emperor Akihito to abdicate, but the law only makes the provision for him. The law is designed to allow him to hand over the throne to his son, Crown Prince Naruhito.

2)   The operator of a nuclear research facility near Tokyo says one of its workers may have suffered a high levels of internal radiation exposure.

Five workers at the facility of the Japan Atomic Energy Agency in Oarai Town, Ibaraki Prefecture, were accidentally exposed to radioactive substances on Tuesday.

3)   A police officer in southwestern Japan has been arrested for allegedly killing his wife. The couple’s young children were also found dead at their home on Tuesday.

Police arrested Mitsuru Nakata based on forensic evidence at the scene. The 38-year-old works for the Fukuoka prefectural police.

4)   Japanese education minister Hirokazu Matsuno says his ministry will reinvestigate the existence of controversial ministry documents.

The documents are alleged to be related to the planned creation of a new veterinary school by Kake Educational Institution, which is run by a close friend of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

One of the documents allegedly mentions the intentions of the highest level of the Prime Minister’s Office in calling for swift approval of the opening of the new school.

5)   A man held as a murder suspect in Japan is believed to have been helped by more than 10 members of his radical leftist group while on the run for over 45 years.

Sources with the investigation say members of the Chukaku-ha group gave shelter to Masaaki Osaka and helped him elude the authorities.

Police on Wednesday served Osaka with a fresh arrest warrant in the killing of a police officer during a riot in Tokyo in 1971.

6)   Haagen-Dazs Japan has announced a recall of new ice cream products that may contain black pieces of rubber.

Company officials soon received complaints from consumers saying they found black pieces in the ice cream. The officials say they found worn rubber in manufacturing equipment at a factory, and that fragments may have been mixed into the ice cream.

7)   Japan’s largest business organization is asking Vietnam to help get the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade deal back on track after the US withdrawal.

Japan and Vietnam are among the 11 remaining signatories of the TPP.

8)   South Korea’s military says it has found small, unmanned aircraft crashed on a mountain in the northern part of the country. The military says the drone’s size and shape are similar to a North Korean drone found on a remote island 3 years ago.

9)   The US state of Hawaii has enacted legislation calling for continued efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions across Hawaii in line with the Paris climate change agreement.

10)   67 members have joined a new effort to stop multinational tax avoidance. Members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development have backed a convention that stops companies from exploiting countries with lower taxes.

The move follows claims that firms such as Apple and Amazon were shifting profits to low-tax jurisdictions despite having little presence there.


母の通うディサービスの隣は100円ショップで先月から月1で100均で買い物するイベントが行われるようになった。先月母はディサービスに持っていく化粧水の詰め替え用の小さな入れ物(可愛いデザイン)のを買って帰ってきた。仲良しの利用者さんとスタッフさんとこんなのあるんだねぇと話しながら自分で選んで買うのは楽しいそうで、今日は朝「お前は何か欲しいものはある?」と聞いてくれたので、「お店で一番長いつっぱり棒を買ってきて」とお願いしたところ、つっぱり棒は覚えていたようだけれど、3種類の長さのつっぱり棒を持って帰ってきた。長さが色々あって選べなかったのと言う。^^ 「ありがとう!つっぱり棒はいろんなサイズが家にあると助かる〜」と言ったら「また次回も必要なものがあったら買ってきてあげるからね」と嬉しそうだった。いいイベントだ!実に!。そして「お母さんは自分のために何を買ったの?」と聞くと見せてくれたのが、小さな手鏡(これで顔にゴミついていないかチェックするのよ!という。(麻痺しているので口元に食べかすがついていることを時々指摘されるのが嫌だったよう)。そしてもう一つ見せてくれたのがまゆ墨であった。まゆ墨。使ったことないよ私。鏡とまゆ墨。間違いなく私より女子力高い。それが嬉しい。