Jan 28th, 2017

トランプ大統領の話は続く….。そして入院の話も。retinal detachmentはもう完全に私の中で語彙が定着してる。^^

1)    The Tokyo metropolitan government is arranging an extra spending measure of around 9 billion yen ($79.43 million) to compensate businesses for losses resulting from its postponement of the Tsukiji fish market relocation amid safety concerns at the new site, a source close to the matter said Thursday.

2)   U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday ordered construction of a U.S.-Mexican border wall and punishment for cities shielding illegal immigrants while mulling restoring a CIA secret detention program as he launched broad but divisive plans to reshape U.S. immigration and national security policy.

3)   A government survey shows that in 2016 the number of foreigners working for Japanese companies within Japan topped one million for the first time.

The labor ministry obliges all Japanese companies to report how many foreign workers they hire domestically.

The ministry says that as of the end of October, there were about 1.08 million foreign residents employed by Japanese firms. That’s up 19.4 percent from a year earlier.

4)   Chinese tourists are pouring into Japan as the week-long Chinese Lunar New Year holiday starts.

New Chitose Airport, the largest airport in Hokkaido, northern Japan, is crowded with travelers from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

On Friday afternoon they formed long lines at the immigration check point.

5)   Fatal car accidents caused by elderly drivers have become an issue in Japan. Government officials are looking for ways to prevent them.

One plan is to encourage more drivers to buy cars equipped with automatic braking and other safety systems.

The officials are considering supporting automakers in the development of technology that assists elderly drivers.

6)   Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has not ruled out the possibility of negotiating a bilateral Free Trade Agreement with the United States instead of the multilateral Trans Pacific Partnership.

Abe was speaking at a question-and-answer session in the Lower House budget committee on Thursday.

US President Donald Trump has decided to withdraw his country from the TPP. The 12-member free trade pact is unlikely to take effect without the nation.
7)   People visited a disabled care home near Tokyo to offer flowers on Thursday to mourn the victims of a mass murder that occurred there 6 months ago.

The attack at the facility in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, left 19 dead and 27 wounded. The suspect is a former worker at the home.

The man suspected of killing 19 intellectually disabled people at a care facility 6 months ago has told investigators his motive for committing the murders. He reportedly said the victims were worse off than any other disabled people he had met before and were a burden to others.