July 29th, 2017

ヒアリのことでこれほど大騒ぎになっている日本が不思議らしい。^^ アメリカにはもっと危険生物がたくさんいそうだからなぁ。トランスジェンダーの軍入隊禁止の理由も知らなかったので興味深かった。

1)   A Malaysian court says it will begin on October 2nd the trial of 2 women accused of killing the estranged half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

The two women have been indicted for killing Kim Jong Nam, who died after having his face smeared with the lethal VX nerve agent at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in February.
2)   NHK has learned that 12 cargo containers have been moved out of a port in Fukuoka City, western Japan, without being checked for venomous fire ants.

The alien species has been sighted at the city’s Hakata Port on a number of occasions. A worker was stung and slightly injured on Thursday.

3)   A survey in Japan shows that one in 6 women have suffered violence by their husbands or others but that most of the victims did not contact the police.
4)   Japan’s defense minister has been replaced, closing a chapter in a major cover-up scandal.

It centers on the withholding of records on Japan’s former peacekeeping mission in South Sudan.

Tomomi Inada stepped down to take responsibility after an internal inspection found a series of violations.
5)   The leader of Japan’s largest opposition Democratic Party, Renho, has expressed her intention to resign from the post.

Party sources say she told people close to her on Thursday that she intends to step down as president in a bid to revamp the struggling party.
6)    People in Japan are marking the first anniversary of a mass killing at a care home for the disabled just outside Tokyo.

Former care worker Satoshi Uematsu stormed the facility in Sagamihara city last year in the early hours of July 26th, wielding a knife. He killed 19 people. 27 others suffered stabbing wounds.
7)   The US Senate has passed a bill to impose sanctions on Russia over its alleged interference in the 2016 US presidential election.

Russia says it will seize some US diplomatic property in the country in retaliation for the passage of a new bill by the US Congress that imposes sanctions against Russia.
8)   US President Donald Trump has declared a ban on transgender people from serving in the US military, citing costs and other reasons. Democrats and human rights advocates have criticized the decision.

9)   Japanese government officials say the country’s unemployment rate in June stood at 2.8 percent.

That’s a 0.3-percentage-point improvement from the previous month.

The ratio of job offers to applicants rose to 1.51.
That means there were 151 job openings for every 100 people looking for work.

10)   The Japanese government has announced that it will impose a safeguard measure on frozen beef imports in order to protect domestic farmers.

Officials will apply higher tariffs on the products starting next month.

Duties on frozen beef imports from countries such as the US, New Zealand and Canada will be raised to 50 percent.