Nov 12th, 2016

当然、トランプさんについて。^^ さてどうなることやら。日本はアメリカ軍を駐留させるために100%の維持費を払った方がいいよ。それ以外の道は核兵器を持つぐらいしか中国と戦えないでしょ。って。きゃー。やっぱりいきなりそうなる?とういうか大方のトランプさん派の意見なのか?というような刺激的な話からトランプタワー前でデモしてるのはお金をもらっている学生ばかりで、バスで運ばれて来るんだよ。って言ってたけど本当?

1)   Japan is now paying “enough” for the cost of stationing U.S. forces in the country, Defense Minister Tomomi Inada said Friday, though she was silent on how the government would respond if the next U.S. administration led by Donald Trump demands an increase in Japan’s budget.

2)   Lady Gaga besieged Trump Tower. Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence penned a thoughtful essay. Miley Cyrus posted a tearful video.

Hillary Clinton’s celebrity supporters were in deep mourning Thursday as Hollywood came to terms with Republican Donald Trump’s stunning election as U.S. president.

Pop princess Katy Perry, whose Twitter followers outnumber the populations of most European countries, urged her fans not to “sit still” or “weep.”

“We are not a nation that will let hate lead us,” she said.

3)   A Japanese journalist deported from Iraq denied on Thursday allegations by Kurdish officials that he is a sympathizer of the Islamic State extremist group.

Kosuke Tsuneoka told reporters in Tokyo that he was in Mosul only to report as a journalist on the battle to retake the IS-held city. Iraqi and Kurdish troops are currently fighting to expel the militant group out of Mosul.

“Let me remind you that I’m not an IS member, not even a supporter,” said the Muslim convert who also goes by Shamil Tsuneoka. “I’m fundamentally against the belief of the Islamic State group … That is not the Islam that I believe in.”

4)   Police are investigating the discovery of 11 cat carcasses found buried in a park in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, earlier this week.

According to police, a park maintenance worker noticed the back part of a cat’s body sticking out of the ground at around 3 p.m. on Nov 7 in Matsugae park in the city’s Minami Ward, Fuji TV reported. An additional five cat carcasses were discovered buried at a depth of 30 cm. Police said another five carcasses were found buried at the root of two trees near the initial discovery site.

5)   Tokyo Olympic organizers agreed Wednesday to hold some of the baseball and softball competition of the 2020 Games in Fukushima, the region devastated by the 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster.

While the primary venue for baseball and softball is expected to be Yokohama Stadium, several cities in Fukushima are being considered for games in the preliminary rounds.

6)   Tokyo stocks soared 6% in opening trade on Thursday after diving the previous day on Donald Trump’s shock win in the U.S. presidential election, as global stocks and the dollar rallied.

7)   Do you know who your neighbors are? Probably you don’t. Who cares who they are? Modern urban life liberates us from the neighborhood. Our social and professional ties span the city, span the globe. Next door is another planet.

8)   We will play a leading role in the global community’s efforts to deal with climate change and fulfill our responsibility to safely pass down this precious Earth to our children and their children.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, after Japan ratified the Paris Agreement on fighting global warming. (Kyodo)

9)   Frustrated by the high price of antiviral drugs, thousands of patients from London to Moscow to Sydney are turning to a new wave of online “buyers clubs” to get cheap generic medicines to cure hepatitis C and protect against HIV infection.

While regulators warn that buying drugs online is risky, scientific data presented at a recent medical conference suggest that treatment arranged through buyers club can be just as effective as through conventional channels.

10)   Japan executed a death row inmate Friday, the Justice Ministry said in announcing the 17th execution in about four years since Prime Minister Shinzo Abe returned to power in December 2012.

The ministry said Kenichi Tajiri, 45, was hanged for killing two women in two murder-robbery cases in Kumamoto, southwestern Japan.