June 11th, 2016



1)   The body of a woman who had been missing since Wednesday in a forest in Kazuno, Akita Prefecture, was found on Friday morning. 

Police said the woman, who is believed to be 74-year-old Tsuwa Suzuki, was badly mauled most likely by a bear. However, a positive identification has yet to be made.

Fuji TV reported that Suzuki had come from Towada in neighboring Aomori Prefecture.

There have been several bear sightings recently. Three men have been killed by bears in the same area since May 21.

3)   A Lenovo smartphone unveiled Thursday will be clever enough to grasp your physical surroundings — such as the room’s size and the presence of other people — and potentially transform how we interact with e-commerce, education and gaming.

Today’s smartphones track location through GPS and cell towers, but that does little more than tell apps where you are. Tapping Google’s 3-year-old Project Tango , the new Phab2 Pro phone will use software and sensors to track motions and map building interiors, including the location of doors and windows

11)   We’re putting emphasis on individuals’ lives as the way to lead to the entire economy’s growth.

Democratic Party President Katsuya Okada, after four opposition parties signed a policy accord with an alliance of civil groups, aiming to frame the upcoming House of Councillors election as a battle between Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s administration and civil society. (Jiji Press)

13)   Tennis star Kei Nishikori is set to represent Japan at his third straight Olympics after being picked to play at the Rio de Janeiro Games in August.

The Japan Tennis Association said on Friday it had received notification of the selection by the International Tennis Federation earlier in the day.

15)   Japan’s government task force for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo will start to collect data on temperature and humidity in and around venues next month.

Officials of the task force plan to use the data to work out measures to prevent athletes and visitors from experiencing severe summer heat and humidity.
16)   A Japanese researcher says he’s thrilled that “nihonium” has been endorsed as the name for a new atomic element discovered by his group.

Kyushu University Professor Kosuke Morita led a team at Japan’s RIKEN institute that found the element.

19)   Animal rights activists calling for an end to the slaughter and eating of dogs at a Chinese festival delivered a petition with 11 million signatures to authorities in Beijing on Friday.

The two dozen activists were accompanied by dogs and unveiled banners with pictures of the animals above the message “I’m not your dinner” as they presented the petition at the representative office of Yulin city, where the festival is held.

The annual festival, which is set to begin on June 21, sees residents of the southern city consume dog meat with thousands of dogs expected to be slaughtered.