Mar 12th, 2016

夜中2時半くらいに目が覚めて、それから眠れなくなってしまった。頑張って目を閉じるけれどダメで、どうせ眠れないならと昼間どうしてもうまく動かなかったプログラムを直し始めたらあっという間に朝になった。プログラムも無事望んでいたように動くようになって嬉しい。こういうのは久しぶりだ。きっと今夜8時くらいに眠くて仕方なくなる気がする。またはお昼寝しちゃうかも。ふふふ。(<= テンションも高くなっているようだ。)


1)   A ceremony of remembrance has been held in Tokyo for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami that struck northeastern Japan on March 11th, 2011.

About 1,200 people attended the government-sponsored event on Friday, the 5th anniversary of the disaster that also triggered the nuclear plant accident in Fukushima.

2)   Japan’s nuclear regulator says the radiation in areas 80 kilometers from the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant dropped by 65 percent in 4 years through last October.

The Nuclear Regulation Authority periodically monitors radiation of the areas using helicopters. The research reveals radiation levels one meter above ground.

3)   Health officials in Japan say a woman in the country who recently traveled to Brazil is infected with the Zika virus.

Health ministry officials say the woman in her 30s in Aichi Prefecture, central Japan, visited a hospital on Thursday with a fever and rashes.
The National Institute of Infectious Diseases tested her blood on Friday and confirmed the infection. She’s said to be in stable condition and is resting at home.

4)   Leading Japanese professional baseball club, the Yomiuri Giants, has officially filed a complaint against one of its pitchers for gambling on baseball games. The pitcher, Kyosuke Takagi, is the fourth Giants player to face betting accusations in the past half year.

5)   North Korea has said it will seize all South Korean assets on its soil. The move comes in response to Seoul’s unilateral sanctions against the country over a nuclear test and rocket launch.

6)   US President Barack Obama has criticized the Republican presidential nomination race, calling it a circus.

Obama blamed Republican leaders for opposing every policy he proposes and calling cooperation or compromise a betrayal. He said they created an environment where somebody like Donald Trump can thrive.

7)   Business sentiment at Japan’s large companies turned negative in the January-March period for the first time in 3 quarters.

The turmoil in global financial markets that started at the beginning of the year was a factor behind the gloomy sentiment.

Finance Ministry officials surveyed about 16,000 companies across Japan with capital of at least 10 million yen.